Montessori Phonics – Mastery

The course uses Montessori pedagogy to arouse interest in reading, writing and spelling of the English language for children.
The child will be taught the phonetic sounds of the 26 alphabets. Once this is mastered, the child will be introduced to simpe three letters words. Then the child will be taught to read phonetically more complex words and sentences. Phonograms will be introduced at the last stage. Upon successful completion of the course, the child will be able to demonstrate mastery of reading phonetically.
During the course, the children will be engaged in a prepared environment with emphasis on the following deliverables:
•Individual coaching
•Close monitoring of individual’s learning progress
•Structured curriculum tailored to individual’s pace of learning
•Practice of phonetic reading using objects and pictures
•Association of concrete, abstract materials to phonetic sound
Montessori materials used:
•Sandpaper Letters
•Pink Box Series
•Blue Box Series
•Green Box Series
•Word Lists
•Comprehension of sentences
•Various reading books
Teaching Methods
•Face to face teaching during classroom sessions
•Association of sounds to alphabets, objects & pictures
•Motor skills practicum to reinforcement association
•The teacher will assess each child on an individual basis before introducing new contents and materials
•Company’s proprietary software allows a personalised and continuous e-reinforcement system
Recommended age : 4 to 7 yrs old
Students need to be assessed before formal intake.